We are lucky enough to have our indoor planters and modern homewares in some of the worlds most beautiful design and homewares stores. You'll also find our planters with drip trays in independent creative nurseries and florists. 

We work with many boutique stores through USA and Canada so you can buy planters locally. Many of our stockists are able to advise which planter is best for your indoor plant or home decorating style. 

If you're after a particular product wether it be a terrazzo tray, modern vase or an indoor pot for plants please let us know in the form below and we will see if we can find a store near you that stocks that product. 

Please note if we are unable to provide you with a local store for your homewares query we are able to ship to you direct from our warehouse in USA. 

Get in contact and we'll point you in the direction of your closest store.