Spring Planter


The flower silhouette of the Spring Planter is an invitation to add a sense of lightness to your home. This planter celebrates the perpetual renewal and transformation of nature throughout the year.

The Spring Planter is perfect to enhance the look of an Alocasia by showing up its long stems or a Sansevieria by magnifying its foliage.

All of Capra Designs' planters are designed with a tray so that you can pot directly into the planter and know that your plant is still experiencing proper drainage.

Designed in Australia and skilfully hand-made in Vietnam. Irregularities in color and pattern of each finished product are evidence of the careful hand-made process. The planter you purchase will look similar to but will not be identical to the one photographed.

6.29’’X 7.48’’

Capra Designs products are handcrafted in small batches and therefore stock is limited. Small batch production allows us to minimise waste and maximise quality.

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