Trending colors 2022

Our love for color is undeniable, and we are always on the look for new color palettes that will suit our pots and designs and also complement previous collections.

For instance, last year we introduced Musk to our color range as it seemed to be the soft, grounding color everyone needed.

After our visit at Maison & Objet earlier this year, it seems that a couple of trending color palettes can be identified.

The first one is inspired by nature with some earth based neutral colors, some creamy tones, soft beiges, terracotta and tan colors mixed with some darker tones such as navy and dark stone. Picture a night-scene in the desert to get a sense of this dark and warm atmosphere.

Image: Maison Dada / Blomus / Honoré

Associated with pieces of furniture and elements of decor made from natural materials, these colors will add a touch of sophistication rather than a boheme and rustic vibe.

Capra Designs' favorites: a pair of Roma Planter in Fossil and a Dome Eros Planter in Terracotta or a Spring Planter in White/Agave Speckle.



The second one, is the opposite, is bright and lively, inspired by the 70' ans 80's motifs and patterns. Think orange and pink colors, violet, purple, musk and lilac hues with some apple green tones.

Images: Uchronia / Studio Kartini / The Invisible Collection

Add some neutral color and soft textures, such a beautiful tufted rug, to soften the ensemble and create a joyful yet peaceful decor.

Capra Designs' favorites: a duo of Archie Planters in Musk Terrazzo and Golden Terrazzo


We hope you'll be able to interpret these trends your way and feel confident to add some colourful touches to your interior. Stay tuned for what's coming later this year at Capra Designs!

XX - The Capra Designs Team