Combining Interior Decor Objects for the Perfect Vignette

Here at Capra Designs, nothing gives us more pleasure than taking the time to create the perfect vignette. There is something deeply satisfying about taking a few select pieces and combining them in just the right way to create a whole new striking aesthetic. 

What is a vignette exactly? A vignette is defined as a small striking image or statement piece. In writing, this can take the form of an evocative piece of description that creates a clear picture in the reader's mind. In interior design, a similar effect is achieved by combining a small group of decorative objects to create a unified statement. One that visitors to your home can’t help but pause over and ask about.

For me, a vignette is a purposeful composition of complimentary interior decor objects, a still life that captures the imagination.


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The perfect vignette is deceptively simple. Each interior decor object looks like it belongs perfectly alongside one another. See here how our designer tray seamlessly integrates with the terrazzo keepsake box and the natural tones of the rainbow object. The gentle curves and subtle gradients of color blend into one to create a harmonious and beautiful statement piece.

It can take time to achieve the perfect look but it should always look effortless. The beauty of a vignette is that it is endlessly modifiable and can easily be stored or moved around the home. 

I like to take a large designer tray as the base for my vignettes. That way, I can easily reposition my composition and I also have a clear dimension to work within. Trays of varying sizes can also be incorporated to lend a dimensional contrast, as well as provide additional storage for other pieces.


Terrazzo Trays from $19

What you incorporate into your vignette is up to you. A small vase filled with a few dried flowers is a popular choice. Air plants are also a unique way to introduce some low-maintenance and eye-catching nature to your composition. If you are unfamiliar with Tillandsia plants (air plants), read our article for everything you need to know. 

Other timeless additions can include dishes for the burning of incense, an arrangement of books, a terrazzo pot and a plant, or anything else your heart desires. As vignettes are endlessly redesignable they are a great excuse to get creative.

With many of us still working from home, a vignette can also be a lovely alternative to your standard desk organizer. Replace your plastic or metal-mesh pen holders with a large designer tray, a small keepsake box for your little stationary pieces, and a terrazzo pot for your writing utensils. One of the beauties of working from home is that we get to decide the environment we work in!


For those of us (myself certainly included) who love introducing new and wonderful interior decor objects into our homes and also like changing up our decor on a regular basis, creating a vignette offers a great opportunity to make a noticeable difference without having to commit to any sort of permanence. We would certainly favor rearranging a vignette over our furniture any day! 

Honestly, creating the perfect vignette is just a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Give it a go the next time you find a lazy Sunday afternoon to yourself and feel the stress wash away as your creativity surges.


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xx - the Capra Designs team