Mother's day is around the corner here's all the inspiration you need.

1- A vase is always a great idea. 

This is a classic. The Eros Vase is a beautiful gift that can adorn any shelves. It looks great with one unique tulip, a bright daffodil or a purple anthurium. Gift it with a flower. 

2- A couple of planters.

If your Mom is a plant lady, a pair of colorful planters is a joyful gift! You can choose to mix and match your planters, and to choose a Banjo Planter and a Summit Planter for example, or to select assorted planters, like a Tall Eros Planter and a Dome Eros Planter! The possibilities are endless.

3- The perfect set to decorate any bedside table.

Get creative by sending your Mom a set of colorful homewares to decorate her bedside or coffee table. A cute Terrazzo Keepsake Box and Rainbow Object could be a great duo. Two gifts are better than one! If you lack inspiration, have a read at our "the perfect vignette" article.

We hope these suggestions will help you! Remember to order by the 2nd of May for delivery on time for Mother's Day!