Planters made from discarded ceramic pots

When visiting our manufacturer I'm always feeling extra inspired. Everything I see sparks a new idea. 

I've worked with the same small family run manufacturer since starting Capra Designs, so they know when I arrive there will be lots of experimentation.

After several visits to our manufacturer, it became apparent that they had a wasteland of ceramic pots that didn't make it through the firing or quality control process.

I have a huge interest in sustainable practices and was excited to find a way to up-cycle these pots. It was obvious to me that they would make beautiful terrazzo chips. 

The earthy tones of the clay with flecks of blue or white glaze became a perfect terrazzo. You can find this terrazzo featured in the below planters. 

The Sol Planter Fossil Terrazzo / The Archie Planter Fossil Terrazzo / The Archie Planter Terracotta Terrazzo / The Sol Planter Neptune Terrazzo