As you already know, Musk is a really popular color this season, and if you haven't given it a go already, we put together some Musk Planter + Plant combos to help you picture it in your interiors!

1- The key here is to associate Musk with a pastel color foliage for a really refreshing look! We couldn't dream of a better duo than this Archie Planter with a Sedum Morganianum.


Archie terrazzo Planter, Sedum Morganianum.


2- For the second combo, we associate the Musk Banjo Planter with an elegant plant that we really love: the Philodendron Micans. Its delicate fluffy leaves will look gorgeous against the Terrazzo.


Benjo planter, Philodendron Micans


3- With the Etch Planter we chose a beautiful Ludisia Discolor "Black Jewel Orchid". Its moody foliage will soften the Musk color for a super sophisticated pair. A great idea to decorate your desk with style!


etch plant pots, Ludisia Discolor


4- For the Roma Planter, we went for something a bit different with an Anthurium Crystalinum. The leaves are stunning and make this combo an unbeatable eyecatcher!


roma planter, Anthurium Crystalinum


We hope this will inspire you to introduce bold colors in your home!


xx - the Capra Designs team