I'm sure you already noticed it but this season, purple tones are everywhere.

Musk, lilac, mauve, lavender or violet, the name and the shade vary, but the result is the same: these hues add a sense of calmness, comfort and a poetic touch to any space / wardrobe.

We launched our Musk range a couple of weeks ago and would like to give you 3 color palettes to subtly add a touch of pastel in your life!

1- Musk looks absolutely amazing with warmer tones, like a earthy Terracotta, a vibrant orange or a deep brown. 

Dome Eros Planter and Tall Eros Planter Terracotta, Eros Vase Musk, Rainbow Object

2- Create a pastel rainbow by combining Musk with a number of other colors.  2021 is all about bringing joyful colors inside our homes to celebrate being back to an almost normal life! 

Etch Planter Agave, Roma Planter Musk, Small Summit Planter Golden, Rainbow Object

3- If you prefer neutral tones and are looking to add a hint of pastel in your home, Musk is a great color to enhance any cream, beige or Fossil tone.

Etta Vase, Archie Planter Fossil Terrazzo, Even Steven Large Tray, Roma planter Fossil

We hope you love these palette suggestions! We can't wait to see Musk in your home!

Thanks for reading us.

The Capra Designs team - xx


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