Make the most of our new sets.

We've decided to make your home styling process easier and composed a few matching sets with some of our favorite products. The idea is to help you make your home even more beautiful while saving some money (to buy more plants).

Let us introduce you our new sets with some tips to make the most of them and create the most beautiful vignettes:

1. Tray Set:

Keep all your trinkets and accessories organized and add lovely touches of color around your house. I love using the Medium and Small trays together on my bedside table or on my dresser to keep my earrings or jewels tidy. I use the Large Tray to serve drinks or to keep a group of small pots and objects together.

2. The Banjo Planter and Cork Plant Stand Set: 

This set is perfect to add some texture, height variation and color to your jungle corner. The Banjo Pot is great for medium-sized plants, has a deep water tray and is available in many colors. The cork stand helps give height to your plant making it perfect on the floor next to the couch, bed or even in the bathroom.

3. Summit Planter Set:

If you want to create the ultimate eye-catching vignette, a pair of Summit Pots is a must-have. We love how they respond to each other and how you can play with plants to create a sculptural moment.

4. Keepsake Box Set:

I love the idea of being able to offer one Keepsake Box to your best friend and keep the other one, but you can definitely keep them both for you! These Keepsake Boxes would look great as a pair with their contrasting shapes.

5. Archie Planter Set:

How lovely is this set? Having both Archie Planters in the same room is great to create a visual flow. Place them both on a shelf and play with height and placement to compose a harmonious shelfie.

6. Hanging Planter Set:

These planters can be hang from the ceiling thanks to their elegant leather straps and the height can be easily adjusted to make the perfect composition. Don't forget that our Hanging Planters have a drainage hole and a plug to make the watering task easy.

We can't wait to see which set you'll be added to your home. 

XX - The Capra Designs Team