How to lift the mood at home this Winter.

Autumn is well settled, the air is getting colder, we spend more time indoors and the days are shorter: Winter is clearly upon us. I like to get my home ready for the colder months by moving a few things around while being extra cautious with my indoor plants.

Here are a few tips and ideas to help lift your mood at home this Winter and to take care of your plants.

1- Add some fabrics and textiles to your living space and bedroom.

To create an soft and cozy atmosphere, adding a few cushions, a throw on your sofa, or an extra blanket on your bed is a must! Mix and match different textures -soft velvet, terry wool, satin fabric - and colors to add some warmth to your interior. I particularly love the cushions from Minna and Killim.

 2-Create an inviting vignette on your coffee table.

I like styling my coffee table with a Large Tray, a few books and a small Planter or a Vase to get ready for your next tea break on the couch!

3- Don't minimize the smell factor.

Winter rhythms with the comforting smells of a chocolate cake or spiced apple tart in the oven, chai tea, cinnamon biscuits and mulled wine.  Try some relaxing and wintery essential oils to diffuse in your bedroom (I'm a huge fan of the mandarin essential oil)... You can also invest in some soy or beeswax candles.

4-Add some warm colors to your space.

I'm a huge advocate of color. I believe that adding a touch of warm colors in your interior you can really lift up the mood! Add a Rainbow Object or an Etta Vase on your shelf, adorn your table with a small Planter or an Eros Vase. You can also add natural textures to your home. Our Cork Plant Stand is the perfect accessory for that.

5- Make sure your plants are doing well.

Be careful with your plants this Winter :) It's important to avoid over-watering the plants, if you do, they will get root rot. All our Planters have a drainage hole and a water tray to prevent this issue. You should also spray the foliage with a water mister as the air can get dryer because of heating. Moreover, move your plants away from heat sources, cold droughts as well as cold tiled floors. It could also be beneficial to place them closer to the windows so they can get more sunlight.

I hope these tips and ideas will make the Winter season at home more enjoyable!


xx - the Capra Designs team