As we are all being asked to stay at home to limit the spread of "you know what", I've been reflecting a lot about our relationship with the outdoors. Never did I enjoyed walking in the park as I do now.

Yes, we miss being able to go outside as much as we used to. In fact, I realised that, sometimes, we all need to be immersed in some kind of wilderness to feel grounded and relaxed. 

Taking care of your indoor plants can be helpful in that sense. It can also bring a soft and calming atmosphere at home. It also helps to lessen your anxiety and stress levels, and can provide a meditative manual activity ( or at least a fun project to do with your kids).


Having some touches of green around the house can actually become addictive.

If your floor and shelves are already hosting some plants, it's time to plunge into the hanging planters' array of possibilities.


Here are some tips and ideas to help you style your home with some hanging planters: 

1- Vary the sizes and heights of your hanging planters to get a more harmonious and sophisticated ensemble.


2- Install a pair of hanging planters in the corner of a small room to create more depth and make the most of the space

3- Having a hanging planter and cascading foliage against a colour painted wall enhance the colour itself as well as the colour of the leaves.

4- Hanging planters could be really great to have in your bathroom, above your bathtub: some plants and ferns will feel really happy to be in a humid environment.

5- Above a piece of furniture (i.e a bedside table), a hanging planter could be part of a sophisticated vignette, associated with some precious objects and more plants!


6- Be creative, you can hang your hanging planters at the end of a bookshelf or use a coat rack in the entrance...

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Stay safe and take care!