Capra Designs: Responsible and Sustainable Practices

Being ethical and sustainable are core values at the heart of every decision we make here at Capra Designs. Finding our earliest inspirations in the beauty of nature, we knew we had to do everything we could to maintain a harmonious relationship with the world around us.

This desire to always give back more than we take permeates our entire business, from the early design process to manufacturing and production, all the way to how we deliver our products to our customers. 

Here are all the ways we ensure our business remains a beacon of ethical sustainability within our industry:


1. Terrazzo Planters turn waste into beauty

On one of our many trips to our small family-run manufacturer, we were surprised to note just how many pots had been set aside to be discarded. These pots hadn’t quite matched up to the rigorous quality control all our products go through. However, in many instances, there was very little wrong with them and we immediately knew just how to repurpose them!

Terrazzo is a design process where offcut pieces of stone are combined to create intricate and striking patterns. The vibrant colors were exactly what we were looking for to introduce our own range of terrazzo planters.

Now, our terrazzo designs are amongst our most popular pieces and are proudly showcased in homes all over the world. A fact that is made even better once you realize that each piece has terrazzo chips that have been upcycled from discarded samples that would have otherwise served no purpose.


2. We only ever produce our plant pots and decor objects in small batches

To avoid excess stock we only ever produce each line in small batches. This ensures that supply never outstrips demand to an unsustainable degree. We have seen how in many industries - such as fashion in food - when companies fail to shift excess stock they actually resort to destroying their surplus to protect the value of their products. An unacceptable practice in our view!

Producing in small batches also has the added bonus of allowing for strict quality control. We are able to alter and improve the designs of our plant pots and decor objects incredibly efficiently and then implement these changes into the next batch.


3. We work with a small family-run manufacturer that shares our values

Since the inception of Capra Designs, we have worked with the same incredible family-owned manufacturer. They know what we like and don’t like. They understand our values and share them with the same passion. Also, importantly, they are patient with us as we go through our endless experimentation and design phases!

We owe the success of all our interior decor objects to their continued support. Like us, they value people over everything else and we would not have it any other way!


4. Our designs transcend ‘fast-fashion’ culture

We never buffet on the winds of fashion. We like to create pieces that are timeless, inspired by a core color palette and complemented by subtle seasonal variations. We take time creating every new collection and we are proud to offer designs that stand the test of time.

Whether you are looking for a new plant pot, designer vase, or stylish tray you can be confident that there will always be a place in your home for your new favorite piece. Now, a year, or even a decade down the line. Fashion trends come and go but we are here to stay. 


5. We are constantly adapting our practices to make them more sustainable

Part of being sustainable is recognizing that the work is never done - we never want to settle for ‘good enough.’ We ensure that we only ever use green materials in all our warehouses. 

We are also very excited by our most recent goal in the future of our packaging process. We are looking to the processes of tomorrow by investing in a fully biodegradable bubble wrap machine so that - unlike our interior decor objects - none of our packaging materials will ever outlast us.

Sustainability isn’t just some buzzword for Capra Designs. It is Capra Designs. From our upcycling efforts, small-batch approach, select partners, timeless designs, and forward-thinking innovation, we are proud to say we do everything we can to protect our planet. We know you want to be proud of the brands you support too.

We hope we can act as inspiration for others to follow suit. Together, we can make the world a greener place. 

Until next time!

Xx - Capra Designs