At Home Series - Maryanne Moodie

We are thrilled to welcome textile artist Maryanne Moodie on our blog to know more about her home styling vision.

Maryanne is well known for her stunning woven artworks. She usually sources recycled fibers and vintage looms, resulting in her very tactile, vibrant and textural recognizable wall hangings. Maryanne also teaches weaving in Brooklyn as well as in Melbourne, Australia.

Maryanne Moodie's workshop

Maryanne's workshop

Maryanne is a true color advocate and as her artistic approach involves the constant combination of colors: we couldn't do this 'At Home' blog series without her.

1. Tell us a bit about you. What’s your creative field, style, passion etc?

I am a teacher and a weaver. I stumbled across weaving over 10 years ago. It changed the course of my life. I am privileged to weave every day for pleasure, mental health, creative outlet and as my job. In my daily life, I design and create artworks for both commercial and private collectors. Alongside, I teach in-person and online courses and workshops. I recently released my second book - Maryanne Moodie's Modern Weaver.

2. How does your creativity play into your home aesthetic?

I have always been drawn to the vintage aesthetic. Growing up, trawling op shops and markets, I was drawn to the craftsmanship and precious stories locked inside objects from the past. I guess that's why weaving as a craft and practice really spoke to me. It reached out to me from the past. This thread runs through my home and my closet. I don't buy a lot, but when I do, it is with great care and attention to detail. I don't mind paying a bit more for an item that has time traveled.

3. What Capra Designs products did you choose and why?

Over the years, I have collected a rag tag array of pots from op-shops, markets and makers. Many don't have drip trays and watering them can be a real hassle. I think these trays will be a game changer.


Small Tray in Golden Terrazzo


A Small Terrazzo Tray in Golden is very useful to keep your trinkets tidy while adding a touch of color to the room - featured products: Set of Trays in Golden Terrazzo

I bought two of these little hanging planters. My husband actually bought me a big Dome Planter for Christmas and I love it. These little guys will compliment it beautifully. We moved into our own home two months ago. We finally bought a house and we are on the monopoly board! There are so many cute little details in our 1950s renovators delight. I cant wait to hang these up!

Small Hanging Planter Salt Terrazzo

The perfect pot plant to have in a bathroom to save some bench space. - featured product: Terrazzo Hanging Planter in Salt Terrazzo

4. What role does color play in your home decor?

I am absolutely obsessed with colour. I don't understand why someone would choose beige when they could choose mustard, grass green or YSL blue! Many homewares today are nondescript. Charcoal and sand might cut across many taste levels. Vintage homewares scream with personality. 

5. What do you love about living with plants?

Plants really bring a space to life. A room with luscious plants makes you notice the lovely light filtering in. It makes you feel healthy and cared for. The more the merrier!

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Thanks again Maryanne!

xx - The Capra Designs Team