#5 - At Home Series - Bree Leech

We spoke to the talented stylist and color specialist, Bree Leech, to share with us her very coveted interior decor insights. Bree Leech knows all the interior design trends before you do. She has the best eye for combining colors together, to create very different atmospheres and give character and personality to any home. 

We are happy to say that Bree has been Capra Designs' supporter since the very beginnings of our small creative business journey and we are honored to have her on our blog today.


Colourful way to style a bookshelf - Bree Leech

Bree has styled her shelves with playful and contrasting objects for dynamic and bold result. - featured products: Keepsake Box Set in Salt Terrazzo, Bud Planter in White, Archie Pot Set in White Terrazzo, Banjo Planter in White Terrazzo.

1. Tell us a bit about you. What’s your creative field, style, passion etc?

I'm an interior Designer, stylist and trend forecaster. My style is very much centered around color and playfulness, I love to mix old and new, colors that are a bit unexpected and interesting patterns and shapes. I'm passionate about inspiring others to experiment with color and really find their own style that makes them happy.

Sculptural Homewares to style your shelves - Bree Leech
With its recognizable silhouette, the Bud Planter is the hero of the composition. - featured products: Bud Planter in White, Dome Keepsake Box in Salt Terrazzo.

2. How does your creativity play into your home aesthetic? 

Within my home aesthetic I get to experiment with what colors might work together, which products and patterns - so creativity really plays a big part - and I don't always get it right!  A big part of being creative is experimentation - so making mistakes and learning what works is super important - at home I can confidently explore all of these things.

Terrazzo Homewares | Bree Leech

Creating a gradation of heights makes an eye-catching ensemble. - featured products: Bud Planter in WhiteArchie Pot Set in White TerrazzoKeepsake Box Set in Salt Terrazzo.

3. What Capra Designs products did you choose and why?

I chose the Bud Planter, the Archie Planter & Small Archie Planter and the super cute Keepsake Boxes. I was drawn to these for their color and shapes, the simple white of the Bud planter lets the cute retro shape be the hero and works so well against a colored backdrop, while the fun shapes of the Archie Pots and Keepsake Boxes make great styling accessories - and they all work together.

Plant Pots for Indoor Plants

A textural and vibrant vignette - featured products: Archie Pot Set in White TerrazzoKeepsake Box Set in Salt Terrazzo, Bud Planter in White.

4. What role does color play in your home decor? 

Color has ‘main character energy’ in my home! Color is the thing that inspires me, fuels my creativity and provides a necessary hit of dopamine when I see it. In short - it is my ‘be all’ :)

Terrazzo Keepsake Boxes | Bree Leech

Using coffee table books as stands to showcase some interesting items is always a good idea. - featured products: Dome Keepsake Box & Cone Keepsake Box in Salt Terrazzo.

5. What do you love about living with plants?

My plant collection continues to grow, I'm not the greenest of thumbs but I've learnt which species of plants I can and can't look after so I have a pretty good balance now. Plants really uplift me and make a space feel more complete - and it's such a joy to see them grow and to be able to nurture that.

Terrazzo Plant Pots with drainage hole


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Thanks again Bree!

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