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Capra Designs Indoor Plant Pots, Planters and Homewares

At Capra, our indoor pots and homewares are not just beautifully made, they are designed to serve our customers well. We believe in the power of functionality, for everyone adores a product when it works as it should. Beauty and functionality should be inseparable, and our designs are perfect examples of that.


While functionality is one of our greatest strength, the beauty of nature is our biggest asset, and it shines through in our designs. Like the lead actor in a Broadway show, we let nature take the center stage, designing around it by adding color and detail in our vessels to further enrich the visual outcome. As a brand that provides infrastructural support for lovers of plants and greenery, we believe nature deserves the highest seat at the table in everything we design.

Another important part of our indoor pots and homeware designs is imagination. Our designs are magical because we let imagination run wild, playing around with texture and light. The essence of our products is to ensure you can find joy and beauty in things as ordinary as caring for a plant, and making your home interior as you imagined it. With Capra Designs, you're not just tending to plants, you're bringing nature, in its full glory and beauty, right into the heart of your home.

Capra Designs Evolution

Australia's stunning landscape— the inspiration for Capra's Designs— is one of the most varied in the world. Idiosyncratic sceneries are abundant here, from the snow-capped mountain peaks in the Alps to the coral reefs, the rainforests and the dusty deserts— here, nature is alive and vibrant. In Australia, the landscape is like an amazing sprawl of natural beauty.

Our designs follow this pattern closely, serenading you with natural beauty, aided by utility and style. Place any of our unique collection of artisan homewares in your room and watch your space get instantly transformed by the magic of nature. For over 6 years, we have been producing amazing hand-poured resin plant pots and homewares. Every finished product is skillfully hand-made, evident in the irregularities in color and pattern.

Our story is a loveableone, set in motion by an incredible obsession with plants. Bianca's passion saw her fill her house with indoor plants, but she could not find plant pots or planters that were as beautiful as they were functional. That was how the experiment began, as she began to toy with the idea of making mold and resin.

  • After a year of this experiment, spent making pots for herself and her friends, Bianca realized there were many other people like her— plant lovers who wanted more than just indoor plant pots. With this knowledge, she started making planters for this market, handmaking every single one right out of her bungalow in Melbourne, Australia.

Soon, the bungalow was no longer an ideal place, as she was getting more orders, so she found a family-run manufacturer in Vietnam. She has worked with them ever since, and continues to design everything in Australia and works with them to create delightful and functional homewares.

Capra Designs Homewares Collection

Some of the designs in the Capra Designs Homewares Collection Includes:

Indoor plant pots with drainage and trays

For the plant lover, this collection is a range of indoor planters. Each product in this collection is fitted with a drainage hole and water tray. The drainage tray is integrated in the design of the pot. This is in line with our principle of functionality and beauty, to make it easy to tend your plants without making a mess.

Before Capra Designs started making pots with drainages and trays, it was really difficult to find indoor planters with such practicality in design.

All indoor plants deserve the best planters, and in ours, your houseplants will find the perfect home to thrive.

Indoor hanging pots with Drainage

The most admired thing about our hanging pots is the thoughtfulness that went into finishing them. They come in two sizes, a variety of colors and fitted with tan leather cords, a drainage hole, and plug. You can hang them directly from the ceiling or mount them off the wall.

Since their innovation, they have remained the same perfect shape, and size and make a great addition to your hanging planter collection.

You can hang our Small and Large Hanging pots in your kitchen, or a sunny corner of your living room. You can equally hang them on any window, to create the ultimate bungalow look.

Styling Tip: The cord is adjustable. You can create balance by hanging them at different heights.

Gift Ideas for Plant lovers

If you're looking for the perfect housewarming gift for a plant enthusiast, then any of our modern pots are just the thing. At Capra's Designs, we have something for everyone. We've got many colors and styles for you to choose from, so you'll certainly find that perfect gift.

Also popular amongst gift-givers are our Keepsake Boxes and Rainbow Objects. In particular, the Rainbow Object makes for a covetable baby shower gift.

Decorative Trays

Everyone wants a house that feels like a home. We have beautiful and unique homeware items in our collection to bring the ideas you imagined for your space to life, and make that house feel like a home. Our decorative tray is one of such items. Like every other Capra Design collection item, they are as functional as they are beautiful. You'll find them very useful for decorating as well as keeping the house in order. Some of our current customers keep a Capra terrazzo tray by their bedside to keep jewelry and hair ties, or in the kitchen to keep the hand soap.

Our terrazzo trays are amongst the most popular items in the collection and it is a testament to how lovely they are.

Modern Vases and Bud Vases

Capra Designs' vases are timeless single stem vases. They are also known as bud vases. With these small vases, you are encouraged to head into the garden and search for that one flower stem, or a unique piece of foliage to add to the sculptural vase.

Terrazzo Pots and Terrazzo Trays

Regardless of which collection they belong to, each Capra Designs pot will sit adoringly next to one another, all thanks to an evolving color pallet and a timeless terrazzo finish. Just as our range of products has witnessed significant growth over the years, we have been consistent in our use of colors, each product drawing inspiration from the ones that came before them. That way, their complementary nature is brought to the fore when placed together.

  • Our hand-made pots are designed to fit seamlessly into any interior design style. It does not matter whether you go for a bold color or strong focus pattern like terrazzo, each product exudes a lively and unique feel to it.
  • We love using terrazzo in our collections. You will find this finish delightful across our range of products including terrazzo pots, terrazzo hanging pots, and terrazzo trays.

Our Online Indoor Planter Store

With our entire range to choose from, we trust that our lovingly crafted products will breathe life and passion into your chosen environment, turning your house into a home. This is because, at Capra Designs, we believe beauty and joy belong in the everyday.

Start your collection today!